Download Dark Ascension Patch for MWS


Dark Ascension Prerelease had just been concluded last weekend so I guess its about time to brew decks and test the cards from the latest set. For online playtesting, I’m pretty sure you are all familiar with the Magic Workstation. This blog post is for helping you guys update your MWS to the Dark Ascension patch. Here is how you do it (with help from the Mtg Salvation forums):

1. Update your MWS Master Database by downloading this patch (courtesy of Metagame.it).

2. Unzip the files and copy them to the Magic Workstation folder in your Program Files. Make sure you have Administrator access to successfully update the files.

3. Download the Dark Ascension Text patch. You can add the set using Analyze/Add/Remove Sets in the MWS Menu under Tools. Add Dark Ascension with key DKA. Make sure to Save Library on the File menu before restarting MWS.

4. Download the Dark Ascension card pics. (DFC edits made by Dantalion of MTG Salvation forums. I’ve changed them to the correct filenames) Unzip, copy and paste this in the Pics folder of the Magic Workstation in the Program Files. Also, you should have Admin access to do this.

5. Click or search for a Dark Ascension card to check if the picture/s are correctly installed.

I hope this post helps ease up your Dark Ascension MWS patch update. Enjoy playtesting!

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