GP HK Preparations: Day 1 Trials


Arriving early morning in Hong Kong on Friday, we are planning to rest in the airport until around 8am and then go direct to the GP venue at KITEC. The reason because the check in at the apartment will still be around 3 in the afternoon and so we can burn the time by joining the events on the first day.

For early registrants, the organizer CL events has provided 50% discount vouchers for ODE (on-demand events) which we availed three as we registered before the end of the August. JayR opted for a sealed Trial event as practice for the main event while my choice would be to play a Standard Trial or maybe join him in the Sealed event.

My priority would be to choose which format is easier for me to get byes so I am considering Standard but then again the main event’s format is Sealed so I needed that additional as well. If time permit then maybe I can join both, we shall see on Friday.

I will secure my Standard deck this afternoon after office and I think I will be piloting Temur or Sultai Energy as it is one of the best decks in the current Standard metagame.

Until the next post.

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