Heroes vs Monsters & 1st Previews of Theros


First Preview of Theros
Yesterday, Wizards revealed in a featured article their latest take on the Duel Decks series with Heroes vs. Monsters. The decks’ theme somewhat depict the concept of the Greek Mythology with the battles between the popular heroes character against the mythical creatures such as the Hydra.

The duel deck is set to be released this September and the decklists previewed some of the cards in the upcoming big set, Theros. Our first card preview is the legendary Hydra Polukranos, World Eater.

At four casting cost, it is decent enough to fit on most of the current decks plus its Monstrosity ability gives Green a viable removal source. It is sort of a Green Bonfire with its double X activation. It is good enough to kill at least two opponent critters on your fifth turn (after casting it on the fourth). I am sure Mono Green will be a good archetype post rotation.

Another preview card for Theros was the Boros ‘couple’ Anax and Cymede.

Anax and Cymede Theros

While they look like a decent three drop, I am not sure if they will work well in an aggro deck since most of staple Humans are rotating out of Standard. They might fit in a Naya build with auras and combat trick stuff.

There are four more Theros card previews and these are:

Theros previews 1 Theros previews 1

Theros previews set cards Theros card set Magic the Gathering

Theros will surely be another fun theme to play in Magic. I’ve enjoyed reading the Greek mythology since I was in grade school so I think it will also be the same for this set. I can’t wait for the official previews to start.

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