HOU-AKH Booster Draft this Weekend


In preparation and practice for the draft portion of the MTG Nationals this coming September 16-17, 2017, we have decided to schedule a booster for each of the vacant days this coming weekend along with the upcoming holidays. So far this week is very favorable with the local holiday as per the Iloilo City Charter Day celebration and the National Heroes Day on Monday. The HOU-AKH Booster Draft structure will be 2 HOU and 1 AKH pack and we decided with the P500 registration fee so it would be affordable to most of the players. The prize structure is rare drafting so that the players can concentrate on the draft strategy and not on the rare drafting.

Here below are the scheduled dates:

2pm @ Friday, August 25
1:30pm @ Sunday, August 27
1:30pm @ Monday, August 28

New players should prepare the basic lands and card sleeves beforehand so it would be easy for the team to start the draft and deck building right away. See you at ProRei’s place.

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