Ixalan Booster League Starts on Friday


With the release of Ixalan this coming Friday comes the start of the Ixalan Booster League challenge. This is one way Wizards rewards us by enjoying the new set and playing with the new cards, and also an even field for both old and new players. The details after the cut.

Why Play Booster League?

Booster League is a great format for newer players and veterans alike! If you don’t have a large collection, the format evens the playing field. If you aren’t able to spend a lot on Magic, League allows you to pay the price of a draft and then get in a bunch of games with other players! For those of you who just love to crack packs, it’s another excuse. It’s also a way for people with limited time to play Magic to drop by at hours where there may not be a large event running and still be able to find people to play with.

• Buy 3 Ixalan Booster packs
• Build a 30 card minimum deck with your 3 booster packs. You’ll register your card pool with a Deck Register sheet which you will leave at the store.
• Every week you can add another booster pack to your pool (on Mondays)! If you lose 3 games you can also add another to your pool!
• Matches are best of one and there is a free Mulligan (then proceed to Mulligan normally).
• Report the results. Games will not count towards the Prizes if you play the same person more than once in a row.

Scores will be tallied up until the end of the league which will then be the basis for the league prizes. Ten matches of League automatically grants you a foil Unclaimed Territory promo prize.

Booster League starts September 29th & ends November 29th. Just drop by at Pro Rei’s Place this Friday before FNM.

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