MTG Iloilo Ixalan Prerelease


One thing that will get you excited in the coming weekend is the Ixalan Prerelease. Here are the details of the upcoming Prerelease Saturday event for the set. The store sponsor is Rei’s Place and there will be 36 slots for the special PR Sealed tournament. For slot reservations, just search the thread at the MTG Iloilo Group. Around 10 slots still available. Also, make sure to bring sleeves and basic lands to complete your decks.

***Magic: the Gathering Iloilo Ixalan Prerelease***

Format: PR Sealed
Saturday, September 23, 2017
Venue: CoffeeBreak, The Avenue, Smallville
Entry Fee: P1,300 (includes 1 PR Kit)
Registration starts: 12noon
Deck building starts: 1:00pm

One last note: Bring a 40-card sleeves along with some basic lands (around 10 of each color) that you might be using in building your deck from the PR sealed pool.

See ya on Saturday!

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