MTG Iloilo to join Conquest Event


There is an upcoming gaming event here in Iloilo City which they called as Conquest, the first ever e-Sports convention. They will cover activities pertaining to Video Gaming, Cosplay and Anime. They maybe would include table-top and trading cards under the gaming category. I decided to contact the organizers and ask if Magic: the Gathering could participate and have at least a learn-to-play booth in the event venue. The good news is that they may consider not only the booth but also have us hold a tournament there, provided that we can procure long tables.

I had already informed Rei about the plan and asked a few of the Pauper players to help in organizing this special MTG Iloilo event. This is the initial schedule of events that I had in mind:

Learn-to-Play Sessions
Time: 9am to 6pm
*2 to 4 seaters per table
*free decks to be distributed after the session
*max of 20 mins per session

Standard Pauper Tournament
Time: 10am to 2pm
Reg. 120php, Prizes TBA
Swiss Rounds
TO: Myself

Standard Showdown Tournament
Time: 2pm to 6pm
Reg. 150php, Prizes: Standard Showdown boosters & Ixalan boosters packs
Swiss Rounds
TO: Rei

If permitted, we will sell products at the side of the registration booth and will include Ixalan booster packs, HOU boosters, & card sleeves.

Other materials needed: Standee Poster, deck box containers for the freebie decks.

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