MtG Iloilo Weekend Happenings III


Last weekend held two Magic: the Gathering tournaments that were not of the regular Standard format. It was the Modern FNM and Saturday Team Unified Standard. Critical Hit catered Modern as its format of choice for FNM and I was able to join this time, playing Black White Zombies. There was a high player attendance with 13 in count and also, most of my teammates were there. I finished in third place with a 3-1 record with the only loss against Raoul’s White Hatebears. The rest of the Top 4 are:

1st, Allin (Red Green Ponza)
2nd, Raoul (Hatebears)
3rd, Mark Ian (B/W Zombies)
4th, Ace (Grixis Deathshadow)

Saturday’s Team Unified Standard was attended by four teams. Unfortunately, we were not able to form a team for our group as most of the members are not available due to class and other events. I was able to drop by Rei’s place to check the tournament and as expected, Ramunap Red and Energy decks were still the top choices. After the Round Robin swiss and Top 2 teams cut-off, the team of Co-Coo-Dy grabbed the championship and PR pass prize for Rivals of Ixalan prerelease. Their decks I think were:

Rei (U/W Cycling)
Mark Anthony (Ramunap Red)
Speedy (4C Energy)

I am hoping for another regular weekend report of the local MtG scene so I’d guess this is a wrap. This weekend will be the Rivals of Ixalan prerelease and players will get a firsthand experience of the new set as the story continues to the struggle of the Pirates, Vampires, Merfolk and Dinosaur tribes.

Until the next post.

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