My HOU Booster League Deck


Hey all, just sharing my booster league deck for Hour of Devastation season which I am supposed to about a week ago in which the league started. For your information, booster league is a format wherein you buy and open three HOU booster packs and build a 30-card deck around it. Even if you are just starting in Magic, this is an even playing field for newer players and veterans alike. This is also for those who just wanted to crack open packs as they still get to enjoy playing their opened cards.

As I have remembered, my three rares from my boosters were Mirage Mirror, Hour of Eternity and Bontu’s Reckoning. I have not listed them yet but I made sure to take a picture of each of the opened packs. I compared the colors to maximize each one of them and finished with a Black & Green build with a splash of White for Aven of Enduring Hope. Here below is a picture of the deck:

I got to try the deck last night against our other booster league participants and I went 2-1 in three matches. Do take note that every match should be recorded for submission to the DCI reporter.

Every week the players can add another booster pack to their pool, whether it is a HOU or Amonkhet booster pack. I got mine yesterday and found a Scorpion God which can prompt me to add a fourth color or just cut White to Red. We shall see.

Drop by to your nearest local game store and join the HOU Booster League.

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