OGW Chandra and Nissa Planeswalker Leaked


Yesterday the MtG netizens somewhat exploded in excitement because of the massive leak of card spoilers for the upcoming set Oath of the Gatewatch. These includes the mythics of the set and some of the expected foil full art Expedition cards. Two of these mythics are the new version of the planeswalkers Chandra and Nissa.

Here below are the leaked spoiler of these two gals; Nissa, Voice of Zendikar and Chandra, Flamecaller:


Nissa looks promising in a Green White Hardened Scales deck or maybe on just a straightforward Mono Green aggro. Her -2 pump ability works well with cards like Abzan Falconer for a flying alpha strike. She also passed the Planeswalker test of being able to protect herself with the +1 ability of putting 0/1 Plant tokens into the battlefield. How I’d wish that there are cards like Kessig Wolf Run to pump these tokens and to be relevant in the late game.

Possible decks: G/W Hardened Scales, G/W Tokens, G/B Elves, Mono Green Stompy

Chandra on the otherhand, is more suited to a midrange or ramp deck as it can sweep small critters and the same time produce threats on the board. Your late game land draws can also be converted to gas spells with her +0 ability. On the current Red-based decks in the metagame, she has a lot of potential.

Possible decks: Mardu Midrange, B/R Dragons, Jeskai Midrange, Green Red Eldrazi Ramp, Big Red

We will just wait for the official reveal of these cards in the coming weeks and I will be having another blog post for the other Mythic cards in the set so just stay tuned for that one.

That’s a wrap. Until the next post.

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