Planning an MtG Seminar Workshop


With my recent busy schedule of attending seminars and workshop related to Urban Planning, I have been thinking what if I conduct my own seminar for an introduction to Magic: the Gathering. In this way, I can present the hobby in a sort of a formal but fun platform and at the same time recruit new members of the MTG Iloilo Community. This is also a way to introduce Magic to schools, to discuss its positive effects on critical/mathematical thinking and also to appreciate it as a stress outlet to most kids who are facing problems in their youth.

I have not yet planned the final layout of discussion but it will be most likely about introduction and the basic rules and goals of the game, along with the parts of the card and card types. I cannot get to detail those at the moment so just stay tuned for post updates. For now, I think my best reference is Wizards’ New to Magic Page.

I am also in the process of coordinating with the new players and their school with regards to the possible inclusion in one of their future school events. That’s a wrap for now. Until next post.

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