R/G Energy Deck Aether Revolt Update


The official card previews for the upcoming Aether Revolt set has started last Monday and expect that the Kaladesh mechanic-based deck archetypes will get its deserved deck upgrade. One in particular is the Red Green Energy Aggro and the card that will surely be included in its lineups is the following:

Presenting, Greenbelt Rampager.

The oldies are reminded by its similiarites to Rogue Elephant, except that gaining energy is better than sacrificing a Forest. The four-toughness is also relevant as it is out of reach of burn spells like Fiery Temper though Grasp of Darkness still kills it.

R/G Energy has been lacking a decent one drop aside from first-turn Attune with Aether. Its ‘drawback’ though makes it a turn-two drop at a minimum.

Another potential card inclusion for the deck is Greenwheel Liberator:

With the current deck setup, it would be hard to achieve its Revolt effect. The elephant above can fulfill its trigger and fetch land like Evolving Wilds can also be your option.

Lastly, as of the current card previews, here is my third card choice: Rishkar, Peema Renegade.

A 2/2 three-drop that give your guys +1/+1 counter is already good given that you won’t rely much on your pump spells. At the least he will be a 3/3 to boot. The bonus ‘Llanowar Elves’ effect can ramp you to an early Verdurous Gearhulk which boosts your dudes even more, or the new fatty lizard, Aetherwind Basker.

Anyhow, I will wrap this up for now and will have another deck upgrade post and probably a final decklist once the complete set spoiler is up.

Until the next post.

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