RIX Policy Rules Update Seminar Iloilo


I was recently informed and assigned to conduct a local seminar or maybe a small gathering to discuss on the Policy Rules update for Rivals of Ixalan. This is a follow up event for the provincial judges pertaining to the main seminar conducted in Manila for the metropolitan MTG judges last Sunday.

Our Level 3 Judge Joel Bantiles has provided us a small amount for financial assistance in the local event. I have also asked fellow judge Mervin Go for a copy of his presentation which he used to discuss to rules policy updates as well as on the card-specific notes for Rivals of Ixalan, for instance, the abilities of the elder Dinosaurs. I have not yet thoroughly studied that document just yet as I was still looking for a date, specifically the weekend.

My initial schedule would be this coming first weekend of February. I almost forgot that I got class on a Saturday which should be my preferred day so I will be conducting this on a Sunday. My friend Ralph has offered his burger snack place to be the venue so I might go with that.

The not-yet-final date is on February 4, 2018 at 2:30 in the afternoon. I might post an official announcement in Facebook by next week so just stay tuned.

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