Standard Pauper Recap (June 17, 2017)


The current Standard Pauper tournament is gaining popularity recently as the second event was held last Saturday, June 17th. The new players and previous fans of the format has been enjoying the current metagame decks that was popularized based on Magic Online.

The recent attendance was 11 players and the rounds of gameplay was four. As for the prizes, it was the same Amonkhet boosters along with some foil promo cards that Rei provided.

The metagame I have observed from the sidelines were Blue White Monster Control, Mono Black Vehicles and Blue Red Prowess decks. I have also let one player, Romielyn, borrow my brew deck which is a version of Red Green Wolves with a sideboard plan suited for the current top tier decks. She started strong with a 2-0 record but fell short of the top 4 as she lost the last two rounds to Mono Black and Blue White respectively.

Below is the Top 4 finishers of the Standard Pauper tournament:

1st, Christian (Mono Black Vehicles)
2nd, Ace (UW Monster Control)
3rd, Jan (UW Monster Control)
4th, Raffy (BG Emerge)

I am hoping on this coming Saturday another high attendance as well as new faces that we could teach Magic as well as give out some of our spare commons and uncommons. I guess I should post a detailed announcement next time.

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