Team M14 Decks at Iloilo JOU Game Day


Yesterday was MtG Iloilo’s Game Day event for Journey into Nyx. The format was Standard and eighteen players went to battle creatures and sling spells. The team did some preparation prior to the event and announced the assigned decks to the members one week before.

Here were the assignments:

Devotion to Golgari – Oliver
Blue White Control – Raoul
Naya Hexproof – Jayr
RDW – Ericson
Orzhov Humans – Jason
Jund Monsters – Mark Ian

Golgari Devotion is the recent trend in Black control decks so we also had to update our build. Oliver’s version though has a slight tech with mainboard Golgari Charm and Scavenging Ooze. Blue White Control was also updated with Planar Cleansing replacing Detention Spheres in the main deck. Quicken was also added as well as Divinations and Celestial Flares.

Orzhov Humans was based on this list from MtG Canada with a little tweak of Brimaz instead of Banisher Priest. My list of Jund Monsters was based on the current Standard list with no Journey into Nyx cards. My litte upgrade on the board was Thoughtseize as I was expecting a lot of control and midrange matchups.

The overall preparations were nay but the team was successful as I was able to win the Gameday and its prized playmat. A separate tournament report will be up soon so stay tuned.

I just hope next time that we will have enough playtest session to harness our play decisions and sideboard plans.

Until next post.

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