Tournament Recap: Standard Pauper Feb 21st


It was a success! The second event for Standard Pauper tournament last Sunday garnered a lot of new faces and players. The venue Hi-Gear was jam packed and there were 14 participants, maybe more if I was not late because I overslept after coming back from Bacolod. Anyhow, I was able to distribute almost all of my beginner card packages and was glad to see them excited to build their very first deck. I then started listing the players and paired them for Round 1. There were a few rules questions but I was glad that most of these newbies were able to properly execute each phases of the turn as well as the combat.

After the Swiss rounds, here are the top 4 players:

MtG Iloilo Tournament Results
Sunday Standard Pauper (Feb. 21, 2016)
Top 4:
1st, Ristom (Jeskai Prowess)
2nd, Allen (BW Warriors)
3rd, Christian (Red Black Aggro)
4th, Monty (BW Warriors)

14 players, 4 rounds gameplay

Here are the pics I took during the course of the tournament:

14 players, 4 rounds gameplay. Welcome to MtG Iloilo ^^

Posted by Magic The Gathering Iloilo Community on Sunday, February 21, 2016

Player were asking if there will be another one this coming Sunday and I said yes. I will gladly make it a weekly event with consent from Hi-Gear‘s owner Carlo. I am sure this time I will be right on schedule and hopefully they will gather more people to join.

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