5 Things to Boost your Metabolism & Have an Active Day


Reposting this useful information from the recent application I have installed named Personality Development. I get the time to check some articles lately and this one got my attention as I can relate personally. It is of course very hard to stay healthy while trying to keep a tight schedule of work, exercise and social life. Productivity is affected by body metabolism and boosting it would have a positive effect on the former. There are, however, ways to get the most out of your day using cheat tricks that would be discussed below. With boosted efficiency and effectiveness, you finish your tasks early and are able to rest more.

Below are list 5 easy-to-do tips to boost your metabolism and increase productivity:

1. Full glass of cold water everyday – the keyword here is “cold water”. Drinking a glass of cold water has an ample number of health benefits & one of which is boosting your metabolism. Drinking a glass full of cold water speeds up your booting process when you just get off the bed. This feeling of activeness would last you through the day.

2. Lift things up – this is a workout strategy to boost up your metabolism. This is preferably done on an empty stomach and in the morning. The reason for this is to get the body system all up and working before the first meal is ingest. It would allow for a more efficient use of the food and avoid fat build-up. However, make sure that you do not go overboard with the weightlifting. This means you should take note of how heavy what you are carrying is and not life what you would cause you pain. The trick is to start small and add more weight as you go on.

3. One fruit in the morning – we all know the proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Much as this is not all you need to do, fruits play a vital role in keeping the body healthy. This is why, growing up, your mom most probably put a fruit with your lunch pack. Pick your favorite fruit from the shelf, preferably an apple or banana and make it a habit to eat one every morning. Fruits contain a plethora of vitamins and minerals that help in energizing your body.

4. Go green with green tea and Oolong tea – the fat and starch ingested do not only end up as excess fat but also end up making you lethargic; you get tired quicker and becoming slow as the day progresses. Drinking a cup of green or oolong tea helps in turning those layers of fats into fatty acids which are easy for the body to make use of and also flush out. The teas would aid you in losing excess weight and help you attain that fit and trim look.

5. Switch to the coconut oil – if by now, you are not using coconut oil for your cooking, make the switch. Research has shown that coconut oil contains medium chain fats (the good fat) while the everyday cooking oil is rich in long-chain fats which make you feel drowsy and slow down your metabolism. Coconut oil has been found to boost the body metabolism by at least 15%, which even beats the benefit from taking green tea.

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