A Few Solutions and Tricks for your Samsung Champ


I’ve been using my Samsung Champ for about a month now and so far I’ve been getting a hang of the features. I am not actually a fan of touch screen phones but since my Internet provider offered me a free gadget on their retention program, the phone is too good not to choose as a freebie. This phone seems to be the latest of the release of Samsungs’ products (I think this one was last November 2010) so I get to find a few fresh tricks online on utilizing the phone.

One site in particular,, posted tips and tricks about Samsung Champ. I’ve listed below a specific post from forum master krizero. The site by the way is exclusive for Filipino users so I had to change and translate a few of the text of the post.

JAVA Permission Security

It is caused by an error on the deleted file Open source announcement.html. That’s why the “always allowed” option for the opera mini and other java apps installed cannot be selected. The solution is to download the file by clicking here and then remove the .zip. Add Spaces on Each word(Open source announcement.html) and after renaming, put this on your Others Folder in the phone Memory.

“Jar File is Over Max Size”

Open your keypad then dial *#52828378#. Go to 06 OTA test then change the value of Maximum JAR size(KB) to 2000. This will change the max size of the jar file that is allowed to install.

Java error

Open your keypad then dial *#52828378#. Go to 05 Memory test then change the value of Java Heap(KB) to 2000 and the value of MIDP Heap(KB) to 2360.

*Take note that everytime the phone turn off/restarts, the values are goin back to default value so you have to repeat this steps again.

Free Internet?

This is the best I’ve discovered so far though the process is quite hard to discuss here so I’ll just give you the link to the thread. Click here

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