Earning through Market Survey


I have been subscribed to this online test market survey website for almost seven years
already and so far it had already rewarded me a few thousand pesos. The name is Global Test Market and this basically works by answering online surveys that they send to you and in return, you get rewarded by Market Points. These market points, if reached on a certain threshold, can be converted to Paypal cash or credits in Lazada and Amazon. GlobalTestMarket is powered by Lightspeed, one of the world’s leading providers of market research and these opinion surveys that are answered influence the market research and decisions of the companies that does these surveys.

As of the moment, my Market Points is reaching at almost 1500 which I can convert to P3000 via Paypal credit. You can become a member of GlobalTestMarket by clicking the registration link here.

Answer online surveys and earn point rewards now!

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