Trying the latest Globe Go Sakto Combo


I have been using the Globe prepaid internet promo code “GotscomboDD70” in these past months due to its features that I like. The combo offers 1 GB data along with unlimited text messages to all networks and the duration is one week or 7 days. My top app usage were usually on Facebook, Yahoo Mail and Gmail and also my online game apps such as Clash Royale. I seldom browse the web or play videos when I am not at home so the data limit is very appropriate.

The recent code that Globe offered was an upgrade of this current combo: from 1 GB to 2 GB of surfing data. The additional cost is twenty pesos and the code to use is “GotsComboDD90” and send to 8080. I still get the option of unlimited text which I can use to contact my offline friends or relatives.

We shall see how my data consumption will read and if I can get to use all of the 2 GB surfing data after 7 days. I do hope they have an option to check the data usage for this promo.

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  • reiraswrath

    try GoSakto Status then send to 8080