Completed Kits: Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode


Building the Gunpla kits can take weeks on a busy schedule especially on the parts painting phase. In my take, I just find some vacant hours in the fine weather afternoon to paint my project kits. Assembly just follows afterwards. The next issue though is on taking photo shots of the completed plamo kit. Having just a low end digital camera makes it hard to get decent shots at certain angles. Anyhow, enough of this rant and unto some Gunpla update. Here are some pics of one of my recent projects, the HG Unicorn Gundam Destory Mode by Daban Model.

Unicorn series kits never disappoint in details as wells as the high number of parts to assemble, even for a HG kit. That at times can be frustrating to build but the completed look makes the work worth it.

I tried to make some action poses of the kit but the painted parts on the joint makes it difficult for the pose to adjust. What also sucks is that I still don’t have a decent photo booth for the background. I will make sure to add that on the list of my future DIY projects.

As for the kit review, the plastic quality of Daban is decent enough and most of the moldings are edged correctly. There is also difficulty in joining some of the parts (as expected to most bootleg kits) which can be easily fixed by trimming with the hobby knife. The kit is good enough for out of the box build (OOTB) but painting is also a good option. I am more of the latter on most of my kits as it makes the looks of the kit even better or to fix some molding flaws.

Overall, it is a good buy for this kind of kit though I would still recommend buying the Bandai brand if given the extra cash.

That’s a wrap for this project and until the next Gunpla update post.

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