Born of the Gods Standard: Junk Reanimator


Born of the Gods Standard: Junk Reanimator
Here is a deck archetype that I am planning to reintroduce once Born of the Gods becomes legal in Standard. Its strategy is a reminiscence of the deck that once dominated Standard at the time of Thragtusk & Restoration Angel. The deck I am referring to is Junk Reanimator and here is my post- Born of the Gods version & list. That is after several tweaking of the critters to include & the mana base.

Junk Reanimator by Mark Ian Alloso
4 Godless Shrine
4 Overgrown Tomb
4 Temple Garden
2 Temple of Silence
3 Temple of Plenty
2 Forest
1 Plains
3 Swamp

2 Angel of Serenity
2 Armada Wurm
1 Ashen Rider
1 Blood Baron of Vizkopa
3 Centaur Healer
1 Deathrite Shaman
2 Lotleth Troll
2 Obzedat, Ghost Council
1 Pack Rat
3 Satyr Wayfinder
2 Shadowborn Demon
4 Sylvan Caryatid

3 Commune with the Gods
4 Grisly Salvage
4 Rescue from the Underworld
2 Whip of Erebos

The base list was referenced from the deck on the MaxPoint Silver event & was also featured in a TCGPlayer article last December. The new cards I’ve added are Satyr Wayfinder and Temple of Plenty.

The list’s basic setup is either: 1. filling your graveyard while fixing your mana base and ramping into Rescue from the Underworld or 2. just plain mana ramp into your big creature spells. We have ten graveyard fillers in the form of Commune with the Gods, Grisly Salvage and the new card Satyr Wayfinder. The satyr is a lesser version of Mulch but I think it still get the job done.

The Fatties

I followed the same lineup but opted to include Armada Wurm which I think will work well against the current meta.

Angel of Serenity – the usual critter for the pseudo-removal effect and a late game gas, in terms of reanimating your earlier threats.

Armada Wurm – can be easily casted on turn six & the two 5/5 threats it present. Also it is a very good target for the Whip of Erebos as it leaves a token behind.

Ashen Rider – the archon is all there is that give you the Vindicate option to deal with significant threats.

Blood Baron of Vizkopa – specifically for Mono Black and Blue White and will give you a one sided threat against those decks in game one.

Obzedat, Ghost Council – your basic combo for the whip and also acts as a stand-alone threat against most control decks.

Shadowborn Demon – is a removal spell and a flying threat at the same time and I don’t mind hard casting it on turn five. Its upkeep cost is not that hard to pay and at certain situations, you already have six critters in your graveyard because of salvages and stuff.

The Early Drops

Sylvan Caryatid – the deck’s sole mana fixer and ramp. It is also an early defense to ward off 2/2s.

Centaur Healer – your trump for aggressive Red and Black decks and is a good Rescue from the Underworld additional cost target.

Lotleth Troll & Pack Rat – your discard engines and can function for certain matchups. For instance, the troll can be your early threat for control and the rat can gain you board advantage in exchange of late game land draws.

Deathrite Shaman – is your one mana toolbox in the late game. He gets to fix the mana as well as let you deal the final points of damage via life loss.

I don’t want to main deck any spot removals yet because of the graveyard interactions and I could not in any way get a Sorcery or Instant card back to my hand. There could be a possible sideboard shift for that vs aggro decks. I am also considering adding Sin Collectors and maybe additional Blood Barons for control matchups.

I have no definite sideboard list just yet so I apologize for that.

Overall, I think this is a good deck to play if you miss cheating fat creatures into the battlefield. You just have to know the right situation and sequence of play like Grisly Salvage into Rescue and on which turn to do it (mostly that of the opponents’).

I guess that is about it for the deck. Thanks for reading and until next post.

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