Card in Focus: Burning Sun’s Avatar


The Ixalan official previews are here and started last Monday at the mothership website. The foil sheet that was initially leaked online was confirmed by Wizards to be true and revealed the clear copy of the cards. That was a total of 55 cards that we revealed in advanced. There was also a leak with the special printing products and one of which is the Dinosaur Avatar, Burning Sun’s Avatar.

Burning Sun’s Avatar at the initial look will fit in a Ramp deck, preferably Red and Green. With the exit of the Eldrazi’s in the Standard, the archetype should now search for new fatty creatures to cast by as early as turn five. The built-in removal with its etb ability is already advantage aside from its 6/6 body. It can also trigger Enrage in case the deck is built on a Dinosaur tribal theme. The bonus 3 damage to opponent can also be used to deal with planeswalkers with 3 and below loyalty counters.

With what is revealed so far from the Ixalan set, I am pretty sure this card will be a hit in the format. That said as it is part of the Buy-a-Box promo pack, I am planning to preorder mine by next week in our local gamestore. I do hope there would be more money cards to be previewed in the set as the currently revealed Mythics looks fair but not powerful enough.

Until the next post.

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