Dragon’s Maze Patch & Card Pics for MWS


As every full spoiler of the set is revealed, we Magic Workstation users are expecting to immediately want to update our software database to add the new set. Dragon’s Maze full card list was released just last Monday so it would take a few days to create a stable patch for the expansion.

Mtgsalvation.com forums are the number one source for these files, and here are two updates from the threads.

First up is the Dragon’s Maze Patch. This is provided by the user Soulmirror. Download the patch here.

You can update it by using the Add Sets under the Tools tab of your MWS.

Second are the full pics of the cards of the set. Download it here.

Just copy and paste the DGM folder on the Pics folder under the Magic Workstation in the Program files. Make sure you have Administration access as you do this.

That’s it. Enjoy playtesting the new cards from Dragon’s Maze on your Magic Workstation.

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