My First Ixalan Booster Draft


Weeks ago, we initiated to held an Ixalan booster draft at Rino’s place and it was my first draft event of the set. My initial limited deck building of Ixalan was from the prerelease in which I played Grixis Pirates with Admiral Beckett Brass as my tribe captain/lord. I had a few insights of what deck to build but that would still depend on the color signal of the cards being passed. Anyhow, the first pick was a Charging Monstrosaur followed by a few red cards but hinting that Green was open, I proceeded to that color in the succeeding picks. The picks were more of creatures with just a few spot removals and combat tricks. Here is a preview of the deck sorted by mana cost.

I think I should have opted to splash White for the flying Dinosaurs and the four-cast Pacifism but then I hesitated as I wanted to avoid color screw in my draws.

The deck went 2-0 (won versus Blue-Black and Red-White Dinos) before losing to Rei’s Green White Dinosaurs in which his 3/4 flyers got unanswered.

This first-hand experience can be a reference for future limited events, particularly for the Grand Prix Hong Kong which I will be attending next week. I might need to do a lot more readings to get familiar with the draft archetypes and hopefully the sealed pool on Day 1 will be favorable or easy to build in my case haha. It is barely 9 days to go and with my DURP midterms on the horizon, I guess I needed to allot and schedule my readings carefully.

Until the next post.

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