SOI Standard Deck Feature: G/W Megamorph


Green White decks is still popular as an archetype in the Standard format after Shadows over Innistrad entered. One list I have found was played by my Teammate Oliver in the Magic-League Standard Masters tournament. His nickname in the game is Mastikor and he finished in second place in the event.

Below is the decklist for G/W Megamorph:

8 forest
5 plains
4 canopy vista
3 evolving wilds
4 fortified village
1 westvale abbey

4 deathmist raptor
4 den protector
2 hidden dragonslayer
3 archangel avacyn
2 nissa, vastwood seer

4 gideon, ally of zendikar
4 nissa, voice of zendikar
2 silkwrap
4 dromoka’s command
2 declaration in stone
4 oath of nissa

2 tireless tracker
2 lantern scout
1 hidden dragonslayer
3 evolutionary leap
1 silkwrap
1 hallowed moonlight
3 clip wings
2 surge of righteousness

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