What Not to Expect in Shadows over Innistrad


The recent new set announcement was for the upcoming big set next year which is the return to the plane of Innistrad and thus named as the Shadows over Innistrad. The hype is then again on this upcoming set because of a lot of speculations on what cards will be printed or reprinted. Innistrad was an awesome MtG set, but don’t get your high hopes on this one.

Here are what not to expect in the Shadows over Innistrad:

Snapcaster Mage reprint – the current spotlight is on the Blue’s two-drop dude and they are all hoping for its return in Standard. He was not at his peak during the Innistrad Standard days but he is just too good to have a reprint. You can still get you foil copies though at your nearest RPTQ next year.

A powerful one-drop Human – Humans might be a returning archetype, but with the Allies reprint that looked to be powered down by Wizards, I do think they will have the same fate. Do not expect two-drop lords and Human token-generating spells but I would love a version two of Lingering Souls.

Enemy color land reprint – I am speculating that they will have new sets of duals but it will not likely to be of the enemy colors. We currently have allied color duals and they would fit well with those land-type condition nonbasics. That, together with the fetchlands, will again speed up the Standard format and in effect compromises the midrange decks.

Liliana of the Veil reprint – If the main reason is to lower the card price for Modern peeps, I do not think it is viable enough. I guess Liliana will still be in the set but as a new and less powerful version as compared to LotV.

Another set of tribal Zombie cards – Undying is a decent mechanic and its return will again represent new set of Zombies to carry the ability. Then again, they will either be of huge casting costs or those that etb tapped but has no immediate board impact.

Let us wrap up the list for now, and I am sure there are cards on spotlight right now and are expected to be in this upcoming big set. Huntmaster version two? A decent and playable Tibalt planeswalker? We shall see in the coming months. For now, let us enjoy this set’s teaser trailer video:

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