Standard Deck Tech: Thopter Combo


There has been a barrage of Standard deck techs from my good friend Rey, given that Aether Revolt is already been months in the format. One of his creations is a build that gains advantage by using the cards Decoction Module, Panharmonicon and creatures that generate energy counters. One of which, Whirling Virtuoso can be set up to generate infinite Thopter tokens. Here is the first version that he is currently testing.

Deck name: Thopter Overload!!!
Creator: Rey Victor Garin

Creatures (10)
4 Whirling Virtuoso (1RU)
3 Maveric Thopterist (3RU)
3 Shielded Aether Thief (1U)

Artifacts (17)
3 Pacification Array (1)
4 Decoction Module (2)
4 Prophetic Prism (2)
4 Glassblower’s Puzzleknot (2)
1 Panharmonicon (4)
1 Gontis Aether Heart (6)

Instants/Sorceries (9)
3 Whir of invention (XUUU)
3 Reverse Engineer (3UU)
3 Metallic Rebuke (2U)

24 Lands
4 Aether hub
11 Islands
6 Mountains
2 Inventors Fair
1 Sequestered Stash

Categories : Magic The Gathering