Profiling Pro MTG Players in Iloilo City


While browsing through my old document in my laptop, I came upon a file named ‘MTG New Interview’ which contains questions for the player profile component of the tournament report articles for a Magic the Gathering website that I used to write content before. Looking upon it, I have thought why not we bring back the player profiles page that we have in the Magic Iloilo website before. Ramon and I were the ones running the website along with the players’ article contribution which we published at least three articles per month. Going back, the new player’s profile home will be in Facebook at the Magic the Gathering Iloilo Community Page. It can be possible as long as the players interviewed should answer the questions diligently and honestly.

I will open this up with Ramon and Franz once I get a vacant time in my schedule. For now, here I will share a few interesting questions from the document.

Tell about your history playing Magic: the Gathering. Note milestones and unforgettables.

How would you convince a college freshman into getting his first DCI number?

In general, what trends do you see in the evolution of M:tG and how it would affect its Filipino playership and business arena.

Compare the Filipino (or Ilonggo) M:tG community today to that of the past.

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